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Celebrate the Act of Giving. Virtually.

Celebrate the Act of Giving. Virtually.Celebrate the Act of Giving. Virtually.Celebrate the Act of Giving. Virtually.

In this evolving landscape, our mission is to virtually create galas for charity organizations live from your homes.

About Us.

A Worthy Cause.

CharityGala.Online was created to assist nonprofits in creating fundraising events in accordance to the stay at home orders. Through our coordination, we will enable you to host your gala online, to digitally continue working toward the success of your mission at hand and inability to host in person charity fundraising events as a result of COVID-19 shelter in place restrictions. 

A Great Event.

Your digital event will be programmed with clear goals, messaging and intentions to draw in home viewers. The programming will be designed to keep them entertained, and encourage their donation support in real time. 

Let's Do It!

Contact us to begin the steps to organize your digital donation fundraiser through our virtual charity gala program. Various options are available based on the organization, goals, and assets at hand.


Set Donation Goals!

We will establish donation goals for the virtual charity gala so programming is focused on benchmarks and encourages support to meet and exceed the mission of the digital event.


Contact Us.

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We are stronger together. To inquire on how to create a digital gala to support your cause or contribute to our fundraisers, send us a message. We will get back to you soon. Thank you in advance for your interest and support.